CRA Parent School Compact

At Compassion Road Academy, we understand the importance of alignment within the school community in order to achieve our mission of preparing scholars to compete, achieve, and lead in college and in life. This mission can be best achieved when students, families, and school staff are all actively involved in education and working to meet the school’s cultural and curricular expectations. We all share the responsibility of promoting student learning and, as educational partners, we value each person’s contribution to our school community. The following contract outlines the expectations that need to be met to best support student learning, and will be signed each year by the parent/guardian, student, and teacher.

Parents & Guardians

I/We agree to:

· Ask my student what they are reading/learning about at school every night.

· Support CRA’s demanding academic program, values and culture.

· Ensure my student is at school on time, every day, and is only absent in the case of      illness.

· Monitor my student’s school work, homework, grades, and behavior reports regularly on Parent Portal or Schoology. If I need help with how to access these systems, I will contact the school.

· Communicate regularly with teachers and staff and attend the required parent events including conferences.

· Actively engage in support if my student receives multiple violations, which could include daily communication or weekly meetings with the Dean or Principal.

· If necessary, engage in thoughtful discussion with administrators about remedial support and/or retention.

Parent Signature ___________________________________


I agree to:

· Do my best to demonstrate the values of Perseverance, Accountability, Courage and Kindness at school and at any school events. Commit myself to be my own advocate and seek help when I need it.

· Arrive at school on time, every day prepared to learn.

  Bring my computer to school every day or leave it at school.

Student Signature _______________________________________________________________

Teachers and Staff

We agree to:

· Arrive at school on time and prepared for an academically rigorous, values-driven   environment every day.

· Assess students regularly and fairly.

· Enforce all rules and policies consistently and fairly.

· Communicate with parents openly, honestly and frequently with both positive and constructive feedback.

· Maintain the highest standards of academic performance and conduct.

Teacher Signature ______________________________________________________