CRA Black Excellence Plan

At Compassion Road Academy we are deeply committed to providing equitable and compassionate instruction and support to our Black students and families. In conjunction with the “Know Justice Know Peace” initiative in Denver Public Schools, we are also committed to the following as a part of our Equity Statement of Beliefs: 

  1. We are committed to Proactive Self Reflection 
  2. We are committed to consistently represent ALL voices, identities and perspectives of our students throughout our building, our classrooms and our curriculum.
  3. We are committed to active and intentional listening to perspectives different from our own.
  4. We are committed to empowering student and family voices in our community 
  5. We are committed to disrupt and dismantle white supremacy and oppressive systems by courageously calling out racism and injustice in all forms.
  6. We are committed to being uncomfortable 
  7. We are committed to recognize that our experiences do not represent everyone’s experience, to look through an ever-broadening lens and recognize intersectionality.
  8. We are committed to high standards of education and expectations, in order to prepare all students to excel beyond the classroom.
  9. We are committed to learning and inquiry with the acceptance that this work will always be unfinished.

To support this work we have developed a Black Excellence plan that specifically targets the needs of Black students and their success. We are committed to supporting and increasing attendance for all our Black students, as we know that there is a direct correlation between attendance and academic success. We are committed to providing ample opportunities for our Black students to grow and show competency in both math and literacy, comparable, if not higher, than those of their peers. 

 We are providing daily access to mental and emotional health supports through our unique Mental Health Program. We know that our Black girls continually seek the support of our mental health team more so than any other group at Compassion Road Academy. We know that this access is incredibly important, as our data shows that our Black students have elevated scores on Mental Health screeners, like the BESS. We know that supporting the mental and emotional well being of our Black students has a direct correlation to discipline. At Compassion Road we are committed to a restorative approach that dismantles oppressive and biased systems that directly impact our Black students and families. To read more about our Black Excellence plan or Our equity statement of beliefs, please click the links below. 

Equity Statement of Beliefs

Black Excellence Plan