Leaders of the Pack

At Compassion Road Academy, we believe we are called together for the unique work of leading a school community that values with compassion the whole person in our students, helping them be fully prepared for life after public education.  We are happy for you to get to know us a little, and to contact us in each area of our work together.

Ortiz, Kimberly  720-424-2222   Executive Director

Garcia-Chandler, Sia   720-424-2207   Asst. Principal

Ewer-Scholl, Melissa   720-424-2224   Asst. Principal

Allerton, Kari   720-424-2219   English Teacher

Armstrong, Sheray   720-424-2234   Campus Security

Borzym, Jessica   720-424-2217   Art Teacher

Chambers, Zachary  Science Teacher

Christensen, Matt   720-424-2221   Counselor

Cohen, Gail   720-424-2229   Coordinator,  Community Engagement

Cooper, Frank   Faculty Manager

Davoodi, Kavoos   720-424-2215  Math Teacher

Freitas, Soloni   720-424-2240   Reception

Graham, Roy   720-424-2227   Technology Coordinator

Hokama, Grace  Language Arts

Lemieux, Denyse   720-424-2230   Special Ed. Teacher

Mercer, Jesse   720-424-2213   Social Worker

Moline, Jennifer  Math Teacher

Moore, Nicole   720-424-2241   Social Worker

Mosby, Debra   720-424-2226   Bookkeeper

Ogden, Jessica  Science Teacher

Ortiz, Manuel   720-424-2225   Probation Support

Ortiz, Tomas   720-424-2234   Pro-Tech

Ouellette, Phillip   720-424-2220   Social Studies Teacher

Pearson, Jimena   720-424-2220   Spanish Teacher

Rager, Karin   720-424-2230   Special Ed. Teacher

Salcedo, Maria   720-424-2202 Pro-Tech

Slater, David   720-424-2215   Tech Guru

Smith, Dennis   720-424-2228   Intervention Teacher

Walker, Lee   720-424-2230   Pro-Tech