The Whole Person

The Compassion Road Academy is dedicated to the importance of considering the whole person in effectively educating our students.  Each aspect of a person impacts the other areas, including how students learn.  By addressing each area, we have a much greater impact on preparing students for the college and career.

The CRA Way Intellect (mind) Emotional (spirit) Physical (body)


The Compassion Road Academy will use education as the vehicle to attain educational equity and equal opportunity to guide our students and their families on their journey to becoming conscious, competent and positively empowered advocates for themselves and their communities by providing our most at risk high school students the systems of educational rigor and relevance, flexible support systems responsive to student needs, targeted and purposeful interventions, and a strong sense of community anchored in the spirit of compassion for all.


The Compassion Road Academy will stand as a unique opportunity for our students, because we focus on the whole family system and creating a school community with open doors from morning to night. Because we understand that poverty and social oppression are not overcome with a traditional “one size fits all” solution, we will be offering a comprehensive arena of services to ensure our students are prepared for the twenty-first century environments that await them. We believe that equity is not equal treatment. Rather, equity is providing the appropriate level of support needed for any student to attain the highest standards and rigor offered to their peers.

Wolf Pack

As a Wolf Pack we lift one another when the road gets difficult and work together to reach our goals.  There is no lone wolf, just the Wolf Pack.

  • Perseverance: Giving our best and working through our daily struggles.
  • Accountability: Holding ourselves to a high level of integrity.
  • Courage: Showing strength of character even when it is difficult.
  • Kindness: Treating others how we want to be treated by showing compassion to those around us.

At the Compassion Road Academy You Will Find:

  • DPS High School Diploma
  • Small Family Community with a Team of Caring Adults
  • 100 + credit possible per year
  • Flexible Extended Day/Year Schedule
  • Support with Meeting Court Ordered Obligations
  • Brain Based Instructional Programming (We grow brains!)
  • Enrichment courses in a variety of subjects